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RPM Discmate Lite portable basket; your perfect putting practice partner!

There was always a big hole in the disc golf basket market in NZ. Today that hole is pleasingly filled by the new RPM Discmate Lite "LT" portable.

RPM Discmate Lite

The older and heavier all-galvanised, heavy duty Discmate basket made by our friends at RPM in Auckland is a super-premium product that will be handed down for generations to come. But that quality and weight comes at a price – close to $500 in fact! This puts the Discmate out of the reach of many casual disc golfers.

However, at a price point more than 40% lower, Discmate Lite is the perfect combination of great catching ability, lighter weight, and lower price. Plus, it’s an absolute breeze to assemble, taking literally one minute, with no tools required.

Made in China to RPM’s exacting design and specification, the Discmate Lite retains the same 24-chain assembly of the Discmate, and the same 24-chain arrangement, too. This ensures Discmate Lite also retains the great catching prowess of its more substantial brother.

Discmate Lite simply screws together in a straightforward way, and the packaging is sturdy and perfectly adequate without being wasteful. The size and weight ensure the basket is accessible for practically everyone.

Total weight is down from 21kg for the Discmate to just 16kg for the Lite model. This may not sound like a big difference, but with a significantly shallower box, Discmate Lite is much easier to transport, and carry. It is also much easier to fit into the boot of a car.

Top Hat prevents putts skipping away

The Lite has a slightly shallower upper band where the “Discmate LT” legend appears, and this band stops slightly high putts from skipping far from the basket. An added bonus is that there is a protruding center lug which will stop discs that just clear the band. It is thoughtfully topped with plastic to prevent disc damage.

Screws together for strength

Dismate Lite assembles easily and quickly, with the two-piece centre pole screwing together nicely. Despite galvanising, we recommend putting some light oil on the threads of the centre poles, so you will always be able to unscrew it.

When the centre pole is tightened by hand, the entire basket becomes stable and strong. There is no rocking, or tipping of the parts due to any loose connections.

The all-important sound

The Discmate Lite does not have a lightweight or tinny sound. However, due to its lighter centre pole, the sound is not as deep as that made by a premium Discmate or a permanent Helix. “Satisfying” and “pleasing” is how I describe the sounds of chains, pole, and cage in use.


RPM are working with the same Chinese manufacturer who previously produced the Discmate premium – which is now made in Auckland, by RPM. And thus the quality of the Lite is excellent. Careful decisions were made regarding the production and so there is some variation to the original Discmate premium.

Powder coating of everything except the upper portion of the centre pole, and the chains themselves, is used in areas of low impact, to reduce costs, while the centre pole is hot-dipped galv’. The powder coating is also kinder to base plastic putters when they collide with parts that are not chains or centre pole.

The chains, the same weight as the heavier Discmate, are electro-galvanised rather than hot-dipped, as another cost saving measure.

Catching ability

So far as I can tell, this new budget-conscious portable basket catches just as well as my ancient (1998!) Discmate. And so the Lite basket represents massive value for anyone who is even slightly serious about their disc golf.


As is typical of all RPM products, the time spent in research, testing, and development is obvious in this latest product – derived from 2+ decades of experience in basket design and chain-arrangements.

Having played into a wide variety of portable baskets, I think the Discmate Lite is by far the best portable basket I have ever used, and sounds the best by far – for sure.

Our congratulations to the entire crew at RPM, for doing such a bang-up job on the Discmate Lite “LT”. Recommendation: BUY NOW.

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