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We’ll give you a dollar to read this page. NO BS!


We’ve embedded two words on the text of this page. Just combine them together and enter that single word into the checkout page, to get a dollar off your order. Only one use per customer.

It’s all about Price!


You won’t find discs at lower prices anywhere in New Zealand. That’s our promise to you. Plain and simple. No ifs or buts.


It’s NOT all about price!


It’s about a total experience – as we hold large stocks of a wide range of manufacturers: RPM, Latitude 64, Westside, Dynamic Discs, Discraft, Innova, and many more. 

It’s about the range! Vortica normally maintains a stock of 2,000 discs at any time, and we are always trying to increase our stock levels in order to match the most appropriate discs to the right disc golfers. We carry a huge range of lightweight discs specifically for humans smaller than the typical adult male.


It’s about customer service. It’s about the right advice. It’s about intimately knowing the discs we sell, and having a deep understanding of how people progress in the game.


Buy Risk Free when we recommend a disc!


If like most newish disc golfers, you do not know exactly what disc to buy next, or what disc will help you improve the most rapidly, we are most happy to recommend a disc or discs for you. The first part of the discount code is “ican”.  Simply let us know how far you are currently throwing, what disc(s) you are throwing, what flight shape you are getting with that disc, and if you are a man, a woman, or a child. 


We will recommend a disc or discs which are most suited to your level of play, and which will work well for you. Guaranteed!


If a disc we recommended turns out to be not what we said it would be for you, we will happily exchange it for any other disc in stock. That’s how confident we are of supplying you with the right discs, if you talk to us before ordering.


Vortica Gives Back!


Vortica returns all profits back to the company, and the sport, by hosting and sponsoring a plethora of National Tour events, individual players, our World Teams, um, team, and the NZ National Championships, both as sponsors and organisers. 

Wholesale Rates and Bulk Orders!


Vortica supplies discs at wholesale rates to retailers throughout New Zealand. We provide the same pricing for all large volume orders, and for sports and youth groups with limited funds.


Need a lot of discs in a hurry? Give us a call!


We are addicted to Disc Golf


We spend almost all our time thinking about disc golf, and working to grow the sport, and get as many discs into as many hands as possible. This helps us grow the company, and the sport by increasing the amount of money and product we can give back via sponsorship.


We want you as a customer, and we want to assure you, we are here for the long haul, and your happiness is our goal. We’re determined to continue to design and install disc golf courses in the south island, and to grow the sport, and our company.

We Push Hard


We don’t just sit around waiting for things to happen at Vortica! We are out there, almost every day, pushing for more courses, more players, more awareness, and more fun. The second part of the discount code is “read”.


We are actively expanding the range of disc golf in New Zealand, and bringing more players to the game all the time. 


We’re sponsoring NZ amateur players in a professional way. Team Vortica members don’t just get discs and some clothing as part of their package; they’re provided with cash incentives and bonuses to perform well not just in tournaments, but over the course of the whole year. They get additional bonuses when the team wins two or more divisions at an event.


We’re determined to lift the level of play in New Zealand, by providing our best and brightest players with incentives to invest more of their time and energy into the game. 

How did you get This Far? Did you scroll straight here, looking for the code?


We write this stuff, hoping people will read all about us, and investigate Vortica, but if you got this far, you’re probably 1 in 1,000 people – or fewer even! So congratulations! But no, we didn’t include the discount code at the very bottom of the page. Try reading the actual content! Cheers.

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