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Family fun at Jellie Park, Christchurch
Here's a list of compelling reasons why you should: ​
  • Free to play in public parks and spaces

  • Happily coexists with other park users

  • Fits in seamlessly to existing park spaces

  • Requires minimal maintenance once installed

  • Is a multigenerational physical activity

  • Fun for the whole family

  • Is fascinating to watch

  • It is relatively cheap to install compared to other sports facilities

  • Discs do not cost a lot (Set of 3 for $50)

  • It is a sustainable activity

  • Is the perfect gentle exercise for sedentary adults

  • Gets adults away from the TV, and children away from their phones

  • Leads to cleaner and safer parks

  • Rejuvenates underused parks and spaces

  • Gives a community renewed engagement with their parklands

  • Brings communities together

  • Adds great value to local parks

  • Is a low-impact sport with minimal barriers to entry

  • Can be a pastime, family fun, recreation, a game, and a serious sport, all at the same time

  • Has both mental and physical challenges

  • Is easy to learn but hard to master

  • Player motivation to play again is high and it can be somewhat addictive

  • Is growing at a rapid rate. A professional career is now possible

  • Courses can become destinations for tourist players from around the globe


The Benefits of Disc Golf

As can be seen from the long list above, there are huge benefits to installing a disc golf course in your neighbourhood park or private property. In our combined 65+ years of disc golf course design and installation experience, it has been universally true that we have created Field Of Dreams type stuff: If you build it, people will come.


But this is no accident! It is a direct result of our experience and design ability.


Disc golf benefits society, as well as personal health and happiness. It can increase park usage and enjoyment by orders of magnitude and often disc golf alone can fully justify the public expense of maintaining the space for public use.

Think of the Children!

Vortica promotes the idea of putting disc golf courses into public parks which are right next to schools, such as our courses in Jellie Park and Queenspark in Christchurch, and Lismore Park in Wanaka. It warms our hearts deeply to see groups of school kids enjoying disc golf before or after school, and especially as part of PE classes run by the school.

Vortica designs Community Courses specifically with child safety and enjoyment in mind. The kids are the future, and from about 6 years old, children can start to make discs fly correctly.

The Challenge of Disc Golf – it’s fun for adults of all ages

Disc golf is fun right from the start! It is easy to learn, and players who devote themselves to improving should shoot an even-par round on their local Community Course within 6 months or so of starting out.

Unlike ball golf our discs are truly in gliding flight, and different discs fly different flight shapes.


The challenge in disc golf is to visualise the required flight shape, to observe the wind direction and speed, select the right disc for the shot, and then execute the planned throw, to land safely in your chosen landing zone.


However, it is much easier to learn because you are effectively holding the ball, in disc golf.

The putt into the basket target can be achieved from much further away than into the hole in ball golf, and in general, any disc golf putt longer than 7-metres is something to celebrate.

The Mental Game

In common with ball golf is the mentally challenging nature of disc

golf, and the enormous challenge the game presents to the

un-disciplined mind. Disc golf encourages the development of a

resilient mind and requires much dedication and mental fortitude

to become skilled at.


Disc Golf is so many things to so many people. One of the

wonderful things about disc golf is that it is not a formal sport like

ball golf, and because Community Courses are always free to use,

players can enjoy the game, playing at any level.


This encourages participation at all levels, from completely casual

family outings, to bonding time for grandparents and grandkids,

to fierce competition between friends, to organised activities for

groups of all ages, to a gentle exercise regime for weight loss, to

a pure physical challenge, to a fun game, to a serious sport.


And all this can take place on the same disc golf course, and all at

the same time.

Where does Vortica fit in?

We have watched disc golf grow and grow from almost nothing in the 80s, to now, when an estimated 20,000 New Zealanders play disc golf at least a few times a year. That number is set to increase by an order of magnitude within the next decade according to the New Zealand Disc Golf Association – the governing body in NZ 


Therefore, we are anticipating a requirement for an estimated 300 courses in NZ by 2030, compared to 83 in 2022. 


Vortica is committed to that growth and stands ready to accept the challenge of designing and installing more than 100 courses in the next ten years.

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Call us today! Martin on 027 226 5343 or Chris on 021 069 5869
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