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Is your local council, or sporting trust looking to invest in the future of disc golf in your local communities? Because both nationally and internationally, disc golf courses have become what we call “Field Of Dreams Stuff”: if you build it, people will come!

Disc golf is THE multigenerational low-impact gentle exercise the vast majority of sedentary adults need, and which keeps older folks moving and fit, while keeping children off their phones and tablets.

Martin and Chris are best-qualified to advise your community group/trust/local council how to use available but under-used public spaces as disc golf courses, sometimes alongside but never in competition with other sporting activities. This is because disc golf is an inclusive activity and not an exclusive one, like ball golf.

By the rules of the game, all other park users have right of way over disc golfers, and our designs take into account the normal activities within any area, and design around those restrictions.


We’re very experienced at rapidly assessing an area’s suitability to different kinds of course design, and in creating exciting and scenic designs which encourage people to return time and time again.

Disc golf takes dis-used/abused or neglected areas, and turns them into high-traffic areas, which are greatly valued by their local communities. Disc golf courses are destinations, and so they greatly benefit their communities with increased visitors, and safer parks, with less litter.

Disc golf also makes local people form strong bonds with their local parks.

Let us help you help your community by putting in a disc golf course.

Call us today! Martin on 027 226 5343 Chris on 021 069 5869
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