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Disc golf course design and installation is exacting and specialised work. We have had many years’ experience in the industry and we have been involved in the design and installation of multiple courses in the South Island to date. We have developed considerable expertise and experience in course design and installation over this time.

Our course design will ensure safety of reserve users, protect the environment, provide a variety of challenges to the player and allow for smooth flow of play. People enjoy playing disc golf, but only if the courses are properly and appropriately designed, and installed well at the outset. This minimises the likelihood of having to make future alterations.

The great advantages of engaging Vortica’s services for your design or install is that the entire course would be installed in a short time period, and done in a professional and consistent manner, using top quality materials which last for many decades.

We stand by the quality of our work and guarantee to remedy any failure in design or construction, in the unlikely event that these occurred.

We are familiar with courses where local labour/volunteers have been involved in installation. Typically this has resulted in uneven standards and often reconstruction has been needed within a year or two, especially with tee pads, which require specific construction techniques to ensure their integrity is maintained in the long-term.

Call us today! Martin on 027 226 5343 Chris on 021 069 5869
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