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RPM is New Zealand's only disc manufacturer, operating since the 1980s. In 2011, our good friend Simon Feasey (PDGA 8508) took over the company, and in 2014 we sat down with him, and laid out dozens of incredibly gorgeous discs for him: if he couldn't make his already great-flying discs in a range of amazing-looking plastics and effects, and colours, with awesome stamps, then we simply couldn't sell very many of them. People love great-looking discs - it's as simple as that!

Today, RPM discs are some of the best-made, best-flying, and best-looking discs in the industry. We're sure you'll agree; the striking Maori-inspired New Zealand stamp designs are unique, and desirable, and make a great addition to any bag anywhere in the world.

Link to RPM disc plastic information

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