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Just the Tip: Throw Low Glide Discs into Headwinds

Due to the way discs generate lift over their top surface, the more airspeed they experience, the more Bernoulli lift they generate. This means high glide drivers thrown flat into a headwind can often climb into the stronger winds above and hence drastically reduce distance. This is Wind Gradient – explained HERE.

Firebird Innvision golf disc
Firebird: ideal glide - 9 3 0 4

However, overstable drivers with a glide of 4 or 3 are not so affected by increased lift at high airspeed. It is possible to throw these discs flat, with a flat nose angle at one metre above the ground, and have them fly much further than throwing them with altitude. Word Count: 100 Kia tika te rere - Enjoy the flight!

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