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Just The Tip! No. 11 – How To Spin Putt with Accuracy

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Vortica keeps it short and sweet. Just the tip. That’s all.

Spin putting is hard. And when you miss, you generally have a long comeback putt to make, and that often doesn't go well, resulting in the disc golf equivalent of the Kiss Of Death.

But there's one thing you can do to radically improve your spin putting, almost instantly: When you adopt your putting stance, get into your pre-putt position, and relax, and look straight down at the ground in front of you. Now, clear your mind.

Then, lift your gaze to the basket, and quickly select a chain link to aim for, and the INSTANT you make your choice, throw the disc straight at it.

Do NOT think about it. Do NOT delay. Do NOT ask any questions. Just throw it in. Instantly.

Lizotte spin putt: one of the best. Image courtesy of DGWT.

Word count: 144

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