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  • Words: Chris/Mobius/Dingo Edits: Martin/Meerkat

Just The Tip No.10 - Rest your expensive disc golf shoes

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Vortica keeps it short and sweet. Just the tip. It won’t hurt a bit!

It is a very good idea to put your disc golfing shoes on just before you play, and take them off when you finish your round. Rest in comfortable sandals or flip-flops and allow your feet to dry in between rounds, if possible.

4-years of non-stop disc golf and the soles aren't even worn out.

Chris's TR7s @ 4+ years: heel cup and hole repairs. Three more years at least!

On two-round days, change into fresh socks, and have a fresh pair of shoes standing by if conditions are wet. Never underestimate the power of warm dry feet.

Disc golfing shoes have a very long lifetime if they are only worn for disc golf. Wearing them casually will wear them out prematurely.

If shoes begin to come apart, or the soles begin wearing unevenly, use Shoe Goo to repair them, easily, and quickly.

The greatest Goo ever made: Shoe Goo.

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