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Just The Tip! No. 6 – Staying Legal

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Just the tip. That’s all. Scout’s honour!

It is always good etiquette, good manners, and the height of good sportsmanship to seek approval from your group that your stance is legal, for any reach-out stance or strange from-one-knee stance you might have to adopt.

And similarly, it’s great form to warn someone when their stance is illegal, to prevent them breaking a rule.

The absolute classic is on patent-pending shots, where the player sets up with the heel of their back foot legally in the 20x30cm box that constitutes the legal lie, but when they go to make their play, they lift their heel before they throw the disc; an instant foot-fault.

Always put the ball of your foot inside the box, so that lifting your heel leaves you legal.

A tricky birdie at Paradise, NZ.

Word count: 122

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