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Disc Golf Blogs: We are Number 18!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Last week we got an email out of the blue from, who congratulated us on not only entering into the top 75 Disc Golf blogs, but that we join the list in 18th place.

Initially we thought it might be some sort of scam, but they aren’t asking for money, and we don’t need to join anything – and their extensive lists of blogs and feeds on a huge range of subjects seems to indicate they’re legit.

You can check out the full list here:

So, we’re stoked to be up there with the likes of the USDGC (#16), and Best Disc Golf Discs (#17), who we deeply respect, and we've had to beat off plenty of very stiff competition, like the DiscGolfAnswerMan (#21)! ;)

So both Martin and Chris want to thank you all very sincerely for your eyeballs, and your time on the site. One day, hopefully, we’ll be able to offer thanks to you for all the products you’ve purchased, supporting the blog posts and the effort we are making. That day isn’t here yet, but we are both Relentlessly Optimistic!

A lot of work goes into each of the blog posts we publish, and it’s not all Chris. Martin does a fantastic job of telling Chris he is crazy, and challenges him to prove his assertions, and justify the sometimes outrageous claims he is inclined to make. This challenge/response, the consequential distillation and oversight process is partly why the blog content seems to have gained some traction; it’s definitely a joint effort.

Whilst we are on the subject of the Vortica blog, here are some numbers which may interest you. In the last 3 months we have seen over 9,000 bog post views. Of the blog posts, “Rounding” has 1,978 views, “Flight Ratings” has 1,624 and “Lazy Off Arm” has 1,225.

The Vortica Disc Golf web site traffic is almost split down the middle, with NZ traffic leading, followed closely by the USA , with lower but equal numbers of visitors from Finland, Canada, and Australia. For a little disc golf company in NZ, the fact we're getting 50% of our traffic from a highly developed international disc golf market indicates we're on the right track.

If you like what we've been doing with the blog, tell your mates - or even better link to a blog post you've enjoyed, to share the love.

Thanks again folks! We have more blog content coming; lots and lots of it. We’ve got untold topics already outlined, and the trouble is finding enough time to flesh them out. That, and trying to keep Chris to below 5,000 words. :)

Chris & Martin

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