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Just The Tip! No. 8 – Eyes-on equals accuracy

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Vortica keeps it short and sweet. Just the tip... That’s all...

There’s absolutely no reason to ever take your eyes off your target or your Line Of Play unless you can’t throw it that far without turning away. Turning your head away to extend your reachback and develop more power is only for full power drives.

For ALL shots you can possibly make, while keeping even just one eye's peripheral vision in touch with your target or LOP, do not turn away!

Practice turning your head away at the final instant of your full power reachback, keep your eyes on your LOP as long as you can. You will be more accurate.

I can't sufficiently emphasise how important this is.

We recommend you do not begin your x-step by turning your head completely away from the Line Of Play, and reversing down the teepad. This is one of the most common mistakes on the DGC.

It is no coincidence that forehand throws are often extremely accurate, as your gaze is never diverted from your target.

Eyes front! The forehand throw can be very accurate.
Eyes front! The forehand throw can be very accurate. Image credit:

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