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Vortica Sponsored Players for 2018

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This time last year, Vortica was reaching out to a few Kiwi players we’d been admiring for some time, and asking them if they would like to be sponsored by us, on the National Tour in 2017. We couldn’t offer them much (yet!) but we could put some clothing on their backs, some discs in their bags, and incentivise some of them to beat their PDGA ratings at tournaments.

Both Martin and Chris have been very pleased with how the sponsorship of individuals went in 2017, and we are happy offering to renew all our sponsorships for the 2018 season. Once again, we still can’t offer much, but we’re doing what we can to recognise and reward the talent we see in New Zealand.

Although we offered to sponsor Dunedin’s Tom McKay again for 2018, he has elected to reduce the pressure on himself to tour and play well, by turning us down! Good on you Tom, and thanks for 2017! Let us know when you’re available to wave the Vortica flag again.

So, the 2018 line up is:

Hayley May Flintoft

Wanaka (Women's Open)

Hayles put in a big effort last year, travelling overseas and representing New Zealand at the World Teams event. She also played a heroic 9 National Tour Events, and won the Women's National Matchplay champs. She came second in Women's Open on the National Tour. We are delighted to have Hayley on board for a second year.

Cameron Hubbard

Christchurch (Men's Open)

Despite family commitments throughout 2017 preventing him from playing as many events as he would have liked, Cam was able to sneak into the top 20 on the National Tour, not an easy achievement for a first year on tour!

We know he’s just itching to do better this year. His game is rapidly expanding, and so are his ambitions. We are extremely happy to huck some hyzers with Cameron again, in 2018!

Philip Botha

Christchurch (Men's Open)

Despite playing in Open nearly all year long, Phil won the Junior National Tour title in 2017, much to his surprise. Phil is not only still in school, but working and saving to travel for disc golf, as well as finding time to practice, and play! We’ve seen some stunning golf from him already in 2018, and we’re stoked to support Phil and his quest to take on the best players in Open again.

Tomas Dolezel

Christchurch (Men's Open)

Tomas started playing just 3 years ago, and hails from the Czech Republic. And yet in 2017, he was able to win the Christchurch Fling NT event in horrendous conditions at Victoria Park, take 3rd at Lismore and 5th at Tucker Beach. This placed him just inside the top 16 for the year in 15th, no mean feat!

Tomas is 32 years old, and is rapidly developing a crushing forehand throw to match his reliable backhand. We greatly look forward to his 2018 season, and won’t be at all surprised if he has more podium finishes. Get out there, Tom!

We currently do have one more offer on the table for another exciting player and their representatives, and we’ll make an announcement if that deal goes ahead.

So that’s it. Keep your eyes open for these fine people at National Tour events up and down the country between now and December for the Matchplay Champs!

Cameron, Hayley and Tomas are all up in Auckland getting ready for the National Champs at Bethels Beach, starting tomorrow, 3rd February, and so we wish them the absolute best of luck, and hope conditions are kind to the players for the event, as Bethels Beach is a physically challenging course to play repeatedly.

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