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Team Vortica - Hayley May 'Fantail' Flintoft

Hayley Driving Hole 8 at Lismore Park, Wanaka

Hayley May ‘Fantail’ Flintoft was born in 1985 in Murchison, in the South Island of New Zealand. She currently lives in Wanaka and has been playing since 2012.

Where did you start and why?

I started playing at Lismore Park in Wanaka because of my great mates Ben Holbrook and Jes Guy’s enthusiasm for the sport.

What’s your favourite disc brand?

I love both Innova and Westside.

What’s your favourite disc or discs at the moment?

My go to drivers are a Tie Die Blizzard Champion Boss and a Champion Turn

What’s your favourite type of shot?

Big anhyzer backhands.

Who’s your favourite pro player or players?

My partner Kyle Martin (of course:-)) and Jay & Des Reading for their amazing good vibe spirit.

What’s a stand out course you’ve played overseas?

Pender Island, near Vancover in British Columbia…. an enchanted forest!

What’s a stand out course you’ve played in New Zealand?

Paradise (near Glenorchy). It’s a temporary course that gets set up every year for a tournament. Spectacular scenery in the Southern Alps.

What’s you favourite disc golf hole so far?

Hole 6 at Eely point in Wanaka. It’s such an awesome line with the perfect basket placement on top of a rock. Nobodies aced it yet but I’m gonna get it one of these days.

What’s your favourite tournament?

My home town tourney, ‘The Lords And Ladies Of Lismore’ because we know how to run a fun tourney and we have dress up doubles!

What’s your favourite thing about disc golf?

The adventures and the people I am most inspired by. The incredible places I have explored because of the sport.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working to improve my putting!!

What are your goals this year?

My goals for this year are to practice, explore, enjoy and to encourage more lovely ladies into the sport

Any advice for new players?

My advice to new disc golfers is keep having fun! Don't ever get frustrated because it's our terrible shots that teach us. Go adventuring, there are beautiful courses all around the country (and the world) and never be shy on the course, the disc golf community is awesome!

How many aces so far?

I have thrown 9 aces

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