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Salutations and Welcome to Da Blog!

Thanks for taking time out to visit us, and our newly launched blog, where we will be posting a wide variety of stuff: updated web site content, news about our sponsored players and events, commentary, reviews, interviews, and anything else we think you might like, or be interested to know.

We’ll tie it all in via the evil Faceboob, so that if you are following us over there, you’ll know when there’s something new here.

Today, we’ve added two new pages to the site: the “Who & What We Sponsor” page, and the first of our sponsored player profiles,. She’s just returned from her whirlwind trip to the Professional World Championships; Hayley May Flintoft.

We want to remind everyone Hayley’s last name ends with a “t” and it is NOT silent. Today You Learned!

That’s it – short and sweet.

Dingo & Meerkat :)

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