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What Westside Say:

Our most popular high speed driver, the Westside King is our fastest disc for all levels of players. The farthest flying disc in our line the King is designed to allow the average player to experience a long distance flight. It has a good grip and a nice high dome. It traps the air and rides on it like you have never seen before. For professional players the King will be your longest flying disc and roller in your bag. For lower speed arms this will finally give you that full flight you always wanted on the course. The King comes in VIP, VIP Air, and Tournament plastics. 

Westside King (VIP ICE Orbit)

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  • When Dave Feldberg thrust a 155gm VIP Air King into Chris's hand, and said, "Chris, this is going to be the longest disc you ever threw!", he was 100% right. Recently, I managed ot throw this disc 146 metres with a quartering L-R tailwind, with a low, but massive hyzer flip.

    The King is fantastic downwind especially in lighter weights, or in no wind - BUT - put it away if you feel any wind on your face - as the King will flip quite a lot under power.


    But due to its dome, and high glide, this disc climbs strongly as it starts to flip up and over, and so it will cruise on the anhyzer line for a long way, before fading hard left to finish.


    You will need to aim this disc significantly left of the target landing area you want to reach, and you will want a nice open fairway to really air this disc out.


    Power players will benefit from a heavier weight, while mortals should select lighter weights, in the VIP AIR range.


    Flight Rating: 14 5 -1 4

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email


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