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What Innova Says:

The Thunderbird is speed 9 driver with controllable, accurate flights. It has the stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie


A Vortica Disc Golf Essential
Disc Golf Essentials is a small collection of discs which are universally praised as class-leading. These are the discs the international community has decided are indispensible over a long period of time, and with much discussion.

Each of our Essentials has been discounted by a dollar, and buying multiple discs from this exclusive collection results in an additional dollar discount for each disc. So, save $4 when you buy two, and save $6 when you buy three!

Thunderbird (Champion)

GST Included
  • Thunderbird has taken the world by storm! With the great glide and easy throwing of the TeeBird, but with extra distance for the places your TeeBird just can't quite reach.


    Lesser arms will find this to be a very overstable disc, and like all drivers, Thunderbird needs to have a lot of airspeed to fly the advertised flight shape.


    In Champion plastic, Thunderbird adds a touch of extra stability.


    Flight Rating: 9 5 0 2

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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