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Made right here in New Zealand, by the crew at RPM Discs.

These Starter Packs are created especially for Vortica - and they do not contain a Kahu or a Huia driver which are inappropriate for new players of the game.


This pack contains:
1x Ruru putter (2 3 0 1)
1x Piwakawaka midrange (6 6 -3 0)
1x Pekapeka fairway driver (9 6 -3 1)

Ideal as a starting set of discs for a single player.

Not ideal to share among three people - see right.

RPM Starter pack (3 discs) Strata

GST Included
  • A great way to start out in disc golf. But a couple of things to be aware of: The Pekapeka, as a speed-9 fairway driver is not appropriate as an only-disc for a new player.

    In other words, you shouldn't buy this pack with the idea three new players can play disc golf nicely - as the person with the Pekapeka will struggle.

    The Piwakawaka and Ruru are ideal discs for first timers.

    A special note about Strata plastic:
    Strata is base plastic and is easily damaged. Each piece of damage to a disc slightly changes the way it flies. This plastic does NOT have an extended lifetime, but it DOES provide outstanding grip on the disc.

    In reality you are likely to lose these discs in a pond, swamp, or up a tree before they become heavily damaged.

    Premium Plastic versions of these discs are available, and they will last for many years without serious damage. Those plastics are called Atomic (solid colour), Cosmic (translucent), and Platinum (solid colour).

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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