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What Latitude64 Say:

It is a piece of history – but still as relevant as the day it was born. Sinus was one of the first three discs (together with the driver Primitus and Medius) produced by Latitude 64 back in 2005. It is a putter with three grip areas on top with different textures. This gives players four options to find the grip and feel they prefer. Between the grip areas the disc is regularly smooth for players who prefer a smooth grip. The flight is quite overstable making it useful in windy conditions. For putt & approach discs length is nothing – control is everything. This certainly holds true for the Sinus.



Latitude 64 Sinus (Zero Hard)

GST Included
  • Click here for our in-depth review of the amazing Sinus.

    Sinus is right up there in terms of desirable and controllable overstable putters. But the Sinus is so much more than this alone! It can be driven with confidence from the teepad, on lines which seem carved in stone.


    Sinus has an ultra-sharp bottom rim, which causes it to not skip, or slide very much at all, so it tends to die where it lands, and with the exceptionally low glide of "1", it is very easy to range correctly, especially when thrown on a hyzer line with good air speed.


    Fantastic as a headwind putting putter, the Sinus in almost any plastic will make you a convert, and pretty soon you will have 4 of them.


    One of our most-sold, and most-loved discs. Owners would rather fight, than switch!


    Zero Hard is the Sinus most able to handle the world's biggest arms, without buckling or warping during the smash, and thus is suitable for full power drives where the line is paramount, followed only by the need for it to stick where it touches down.

    Flight Rating: 2 2 0 2

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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