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What Innova say: The Sidewinder is a fast flyer with a predictable high speed turn and lots of glide. This disc can add distance to anyone’s drive, but is especially useful for those with less power. The Sidewinder is our best disc for long turnover shots and long distance rollers. Even disc golfers who have never had much success throwing a roller shot, will be amazed at the results they can achieve with the Sidewinder.


Diameter: 21.1 cm

Rim Width: 1.8 cm

Available Plastics:

  • Star: 150-175g
  • GStar: 165-175g
  • StarLite: 130-159g
  • Champion: 150-175g
  • DX: 150-175g

Best Choice for: Roller shots, Narrow woods driver, Downhill distance

Date of Approval: 11/24/04

Innova Sidewinder (Champion)

GST Included
  • The Sidewinder is often used by two types of players: 1) The player who is looking to experiment with roller shots. When thrown with some pace, the Sidewinder will flip over and land on edge at which point it rolls down the fairway for a very long time. Great for courses with low ceiling heights or if there is a hole on your course that you can't master.

    Flight rating 9 5 -3 1

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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