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Ruru is the Maori name for the Morepork, a small nocturnal native new Zealand owl.  They are a regular evening audio feature at Bella Rakha, the private DGC owned by RPM's Simon Feasey. Ruru have a beautiful and haunting call, and is exclusively nocturnal, so it is very rare too see one in nature.


But that is all about to change!

Ruru is a deep-dish, round-edged, micro-bead putter, legal up to 176 grams with PDGA approval. It is available in a range of weights from 135gm to 176gm.


It is a very straight, very-stable putter able to handle 100 metres of high speed disc driving power without turning over radically. It has a gentle, and small amount of turn at driving speed, after flying a good distance in a straight line. It has only a small fade.


From a distance, Ruru looks like a Latitude 64 Dagger, but closer inspection shows the Ruru to have a slightly thicker rim at the parting line; 10mm as opposed to 9.2mm for the Dagger. It has an effective rim depth (what the index finger feels) of 16.5mm compared to 16.1mm.

Below the parting line Ruru slopes until the bottom surface is horizontal for about 2 mm, which precedes the micro-bead, measuring in at just 0.8mm compared to Dagger's 1.6mm.


Ruru has a slightly domed top in Strata plastic (harder), with a flat central portion which is approximately 60mm in diameter. Lying on its flattened dome, Ruru's parting line is approximately 15.5mm from the surface, whereas the flat-topped Dagger is 11.0mm.


It is available in multiple variants: a yet-to-be-named super-soft TPR (Thermo Plasticised Rubber), which can be so floppy it is reminiscent of a Blowfly. It has that same quality where it will scratch up without getting eaten up. The grip is phenomenal wet or dry.


The TPU (Thermo Plasticised Urethane) version is a semi-firm transparent/translucent or solid colour (Atomic and Cosmic respectively) blend which looks incredible with metal flakes, they are exceptionally smooth, with a polished looking surface, and yet offer amazing grip in the dry. The translucent Cosmic and Atomic discs are almost totally flat on top - if you like the flat-top feel.


The hard model compares to KC Pro, and makes a resounding bang, when bumped together, and these things are rock solid. They have a chalky feel due to the weighting agent added as the hard base material has a low density, and they glow in the dark somewhat. Full-glow hard items weigh in at just 135 grams, while maxweight discs still have only a good glow effect.


There is another new, yet-to-be-named variant resembling Innova’s Splatter, with radial symmetry, and these are glossy and grippy, and gorgeous – it’s Chris’s putting putter.


They fly very similarly across the range of plastics due to the blunt-edged design, and the extended 90-second molding process employed. This ensures accurate shape of the flight plates. However, the differential cooling characteristics of Cosmic and Atomic, cause the flight plates to pull flat during cooling outside the molding machine.


They are very stable for a putter, and I equate it to a lightly worn Envy as a thrower, but with less speed and glide, just as one would expect from a deeper disc. Very pleasing to grip and rip hard.


As a putting putter they behave and feel like a Dagger, with a touch more stability, for confidence into a headwind. I am switching to it as my main putting putter immediately - having used the Dagger for the last 2 years. I never felt comfortable throwing the Dagger more than 30 or 40 metres, so the Ruru adds another (5th) throwing putter to my bag.


At RPM, Simon has pulled out all the stops in terms of visual appeal and the range includes gorgeous swirly examples, pearly metallic like Goldline, wicked solid primary colours, hard glow items, amazing mixes in the TPU and the metal flakes are stunning. 


If you have enjoyed the Envy and/or the Dagger, then I highly recommend getting a test-fly of a Ruru or two; I think you will be impressed, and find it available in a weight and material you will enjoy.

RPM Ruru (Cosmic)

GST Included
  • Here at Vortica, Martin and Chris are very excited about the Ruru. It is an outstanding stable putting and driving putter, with excellent grip, great flight shape, superb consistency, fantastic visual appeal and it's made right herfe in good ol' Kiwiland!


    We predict great things for this disc, and all reviews so far have been very positive indeed. Don't miss out on the "1R" stamped First Run discs! RPM has alrteady produced the Second Run discs.


    Flight Rating: 3 3 0 1

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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