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The Ruby is the putter in Latitude 64's Easy-to-use line. It features a small grip, low weight (starting at 150g) and a neutral flight path.

Latitude 64 Ruby (Burst Retro) LIGHTWEIGHT

GST Included
Colour: Orange
  • The Ruby is an exceptionally good gliding lightweight disc which is very easy to throw at the low speeds typical of putting and less strong beginners. Ideal for juniors and ladies, advanced players will benefit from amazing downwind reach as a putting putter, extending their putts by many metres.


    Ruby will hold even a gentle annie line on a soft upshot, so it is quite understable. You probably won't ever throw this disc with lots of power, and nor would you want to - this is a Touch disc.


    Matched with a Pearl in a putter/midrange combo - this is the perfect starting kit for anyone who is not a fit young male.


    Lighter discs for smaller bodies is the key here.


    Flight Rating: 3 5 -3 1

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