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What RPM say: 
Short Description:
The RPM Tahi Nui is a genuinely large, ruggedly constructed disc golf backpack designed for touring professionals and serious amateurs. It has all the space and fixings you need for discs, accessories, food and drink when battling the elements on the course for many hours.


Long Description: The Tahi Nui is what we consider our pro-level bag, although it is suitable for all levels of players. The bag is loaded with features that are sure to serve all your disc golf needs. The signature feature of this is its extendable sides to allow room for hoodies, towels, etc. or even additional discs.


There are two detachable velcro shelves provided, as well as the external bag flap that can fold into the bag to create a third shelf. At the top of the bag, we have two pockets lined with a soft material. One is an open easy access pocket, great for holding your sunglasses, phone or other tools such as a rangefinder. The other is a sealable pocket designed to hold your go-to putters separate from the rest of your discs. A maximum of 4 putters can sit comfortably in this pocket (unzipped).


On the rear are a padded set of straps with a sternum strap, combined with a stiff cushioned support makes for an extremely comfortable fit that is easy to carry for multiple rounds. We have designed the back straps of the Tahi Nui to be suitable for traveling. They are thick with reinforced stitching. All straps are adjustable.


The bag’s grab handle is wide and distributes the weight of the bag comfortably in your hand. There is an umbrella and/or stool holder on either side of the bag, as well as two 1.5-litre drink bottle holders.


Score card and pen holders can also be found on the sides of the bag, with extra pockets located on the inside of the extendable sides. At the very front of the bag, we have also included another pocket suitable for holding your mini disc.


The structure of the Tahi Nui is sturdy and stiff straight up the back, which means it will stand upright by itself. The base of the bag is waterproof and includes two drains for the water bottle holders. The bag can comfortably hold 20-30 discs and has a maximum capacity for up to 40 discs.


For a better look at the bag’s features, please refer to the feature list below as well as the Tahi Nui Assembly and Feature Review video presented by Simon Feasey and Jackson Sullivan.


YouTube Video -

Feature List:
Drink bottle holder (1.5L) x2
Umbrella holder

Stool holder

Sternum strap

Soft access pouch

Putter pocket

Zip up front flapTag for accessories x2

Mini disc holder

Front disc compartment

Score card & pen holder x2

Internal zip pocket x2

Internal pouch x2

Expandable sidesVelcro shelf x2

Solid waterproof base

Stiff back

Thick straps

Waterproof cover

Waterproof cover pocket

Water drains

Sturdy handle

Capacity of up to 40 discs

RPM Tahi Nui Backpack Bag

$325.00 Regular Price
$315.00Sale Price
GST Included
  • Here at Vortica, we think "The Big One" is an appropriate name, as it is sure to satisfy the demands of even the most heavily equipped players in the world.

    With pockets for Africa, a dedicated rainfly, solid sides, huge capacity, and many possible arrangements of discs and gear, The Big One offers an unparalleled ability to arrange your stuff the way you want it.

    We're sure you'll be impressed, and at this price, what's not to like?

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