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RPM DiscMate Portable Basket - MADE IN NEW ZEALAND 

(Please note, images are of the Chinese-made basket)

Introduced in 2020, DiscMate is a high-quality, great-value, PDGA-approved, NZ-designed, and now NZ-made portable basket. It is a solid transportable basket with a two-part centre pole so it packs down into a box measuring just 67cm x 67cm x 26.5cm.


At 22 kilograms, it's no lightweight, however. It is all galvanised steel.


RPM has effectively solved the problem of two-piece poles via the use of a stainless steel grub screw installed on the opposing angle to stiffen the centre pole. The chain assembly is secured to the centre pole using a wingnut.


The galvanised heavy-duty chains are impressive at the price point: a full set of 24 (w/ 12-spokes), and they're highly effective, as one would expect - but they lack the "Necklace" inner chains which the premium RPM Helix 14-spoke permanent basket come standard with. We can supply an RPM DiscMate Royal Necklace upgrade should you wish to make that improvement.


The "Hat" on top of the chain assembly is slightly reduced in height compared to the Helix. The Hat is wrapped with an attractive RPM vinyl and it also serves another purpose; to prevent energetic putts skipping from the top of the chain assembly, and flying far away.


Vortica is deeply impressed with the quality of this 2022-updated NZ-made, premium quality offering from RPM, and we cannot fault its design, its catching ability, its appearance, or its fit and finish.


For those concerned about the sound of the chains, we can assure you of a proper deep chain sound, and not the high and tinny sound you would normally expect from a portable basket. This is due to the heavy centre pole, the heavy-duty chains.


Materials are top-notch and more than up to the task, with the outer rings of the chain assembly and cage being 8mm in diameter, while the inner rings and spokes are 6.5mm. It comes with a full 2-year warranty, but this basket will most likely survive for many decades outside, as its rugged construction, stainless accessories, and anti-rust treatments will stand the test of time.


Here at Vortica, we’re very lkeen on the NZ-made DiscMate. This is the 9th iteration of the evolution of the RPM basket, and (we think) the 14th version of the chaining arrangement. This lengthy process of continual refinement has resulted in a superior product which punches far above its weight in terms of price-performance and quality when compared to anything else available - period!


The DiscMate is NOT a cheaply rebranded basket from another manufacturer, but an entirely independent RPM design, and Simon has used everything learned in 20-plus years of basket experimentation and development, to produce a first-class basket target which is far superior to all other portable baskets, in terms of its ability to replicate the experience of putting into a permanent Helix basket which is twice the price. "We are extremely happy with it and very proud of this truly home-grown product", says RPM's Simon Feasey. 


Pick Up/Shipping info

$50 shipping to any main centre in New Zealand by courier.
Christchurch customers may pick up a boxed DiscMate directly from the store at 697 Gloucester Street.


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RPM DiscMate - Premium Portable Basket

$495.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price
GST Included
  • Place outside, in the weather and leave it there

    Do NOT tumble dry

    Turn inside out before washing

    100% Gluten-Free

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