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The portable version of the best disc golf basket on the market, made here in New Zealand. 


The base is cross-shaped and the basket breaks down as per the pic. The entire thing is hot-dip galvanised to withstand any weather, and this basket will last longer than you do!


With the advent of the DiscMate portable basket from RPM, the portable Helix is elevated to the status of "Rolls Royce of Portables". At nearly twice the price of the DiscMate, and practically twice the weight (at ~40kg), the portable Helix is NOT a basket you simply chuck in your boot and take down to the beach for the day. We prefer to call this basket "transportable" rather than "portable", as it certainly can be moved, but not with ease.


The portable Helix is for deadly serious back yard practice, as they are identical in design to the permanent Helix, and therefore they completely replicate the putting experience of DGCs which have Helix baskets - so in other words, most of them!


The Helix has the deep satisfying chain sounds you get with the permanent version, and it is much more visually appealing than the DiscMate, with its wine-glass cage, and the portable Helix comes standard with the "42-chain" Necklace chaining arrangement, which is designed to catch the fastest travelling discs and direct them into the bottom of the cage.


Price does NOT include $60 freight per basket to main centres in NZ. 

RPM Heavy-Duty Helix Portable Basket

GST Included
Out of Stock
  • Leave outside 

    Turn inside out before washing

    Do NOT hot wash

    Do NOT tumble dry

    Hang to dry wrinkle-free

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