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Heavy-duty permanent RPM Helix Disc Golf Basket and ground sleeve for permanent installation. 


The best disc golf basket target on the market, made in Auckland, by our good friends at RPM. Each permanent basket comes with its own ground sleeve, a 60cm steel tube with a locking tab attached. It is buried or concreted into the ground, the basket placed in it, and a padlock used to secure it. (Padlocks are not included.) Vortica also recommends using a tech-screw through the sleeve and centre pole, which prevents vandals attacking the locking tabs using fierce rotary motion.


The Helix basket is the 6th generation design from RPM, and the "Necklace" chain arrangement is now 13th generation. It might seem that making a disc golf basket is easy – but it is not, and the Helix is the result of over 20 years of constant development and refinement.


The Helix is built from the strongest materials, and designed to literally last a lifetime, they are hot-dip galvanised to withstand everything short of a nuclear war. The heavy chain is also galvanised, as are the rings securing the chains, while the lower chain loops are welded stainless steel. 


Extra Ground Sleeves

The galvanised sleeves make it possible to have several basket positions in close proximity, so that damage to grass and hardpan dirt can be avoided, by simply putting it in a different location periodically. These cost $50 each with no additional shipping charge if ordered with a basket.



Permanent baskets weigh over 30kg each, and take up a lot of space. And so freight is exorbitant when shipping fewer than nine baskets at a time. For this reason, we ask you to contact us directly, so we may arrange an optimal delivery for your needs.

Get in touch if you require our course design services. 

RPM Heavy Duty Helix Permanent

GST Included
Out of Stock
  • Leave outside forever

    Mow around NOT over

    Do NOT lubricate

    Hot wash

    Hang to dry, do NOT tumble dry.

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