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What Innova Says:

"The Roc3 is a fast, straight Roc that excels at controlled approaches and Mid-Range drives."


I think we can do better than that. Have a look to the right ---------->

Innova Roc3 (Tour Series)

GST Included
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  • Roc3 is a longer Roc; a domed, big-bead overstable midrange disc. It flies slightly faster than a Roc, and is slightly longer too.


    It handles plenty of power well, and fights the wind with aplomb. An increasingly popular disc, and for good reason; it is one of Paul McBeth's mosty-thrown discs. 


    This disc isn't ideal for intermediate players unless they've developed a strong throw out to 70 metres or more, otherwise this will be more of a utility disc, and very overstable.


    If you are searching for an overstable midrange with the same flight shape as the Roc3, consider a Discmania MD3, or an MVP Vector or Tensor.


    In DX plastic, the Roc3 is going to rapidly wear in, to become a straight-stable disc, and with age, a turnover disc with a good fade to finish.


    Flight Rating: 5 4 0 3

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