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What Discraft say: "The Nuke is a max speed distance driver that has become a mainstay in the line up for its consistency and usefulness for players of all skill levels."

Well, at least they didn't waste any words!

Discraft Nuke (Swirly ESP) 5x Paige Pierce Signature Series

GST Included
  • In creating the Nuke, Discraft tried to make a faster Force (12 5 -1 3) and they succeeded. Nuke is devastating in the right hands - with massive amhyzer reaches followed by a hard fade. It is one of the most-thrown high speed drivers.

    Not for the faint-hearted or the small handed, Nuke has a 25mm rim - the largest currently made. 

    In Swirly ESP plastic Nuke is grippy, and  quite stiff. It has a more pronounced dome than Z-Line, and makes a pleasing pop. ESP-Line is expertly moulded with little to no flashing at the bottom rim or leading edge.

    Flight Rating: 13 5 -1 3

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