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What Innova Say:

James Proctor can throw very hard, and often plays in very windy conditions, so he wanted an extremely overstable Tour Series disc. We made one for him. At [11|3|0|5] the Metal Flake Champion Max may be the nastiest distance driver made. This disc will not deceive you. It will not trick you and it can not lie. This disc only does one thing...HARD fade. Heal your existing trust issues, at least on the course, with the James Proctor Champion Metal Flake Max.


A substantial portion of each sale will benefit James Proctor and his touring efforts. 


Release Date: 2/1/2022

Innova Max (First Run Metal Flake Champion) James Proctor Tour Series

GST Included
  • Ultra-Beefy, with a side of extra beef!

    Metal Flake Champion is widely regarded as the most overstable version of any Innova driver, and James Proctor specified it for his Tour Series disc in 2022.

    Not for the small-armed player - but more controllable than you might at first think. This is a more modest Speed-11,  with a 22mm wing size, and a more snub-nosed leading edge, which makes this easier to manage than the fastest discs available.

    Max is a real headwind-fighter and its low-glide prevents it climbing into faster winds above. Max is so stable that it will fight out of an anhyzer release very quickly, and will always fade hard to finish, perhaps even achieving movement 90-degrees to the direction your teepad points.

    At places like Ascot in Otautahi, or Berhampore in Wellington, this could prove be your secret weapon when the wind picks up.

    FYI: The Compass-Point stamp signifies a First Run disc for Innova.

    Flight Rating: 11 3 0 5

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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