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The Maul is a fairway driver made for turnover shots. It resembles the popular Latitude 64 driver the River in both speed and glide, but is more understable. This disc is a very good choice for beginners and amateurs, since it is easy to control and grip, and won’t fade as much as high speed drivers do.

Latitude 64 Maul (Opto Glimmer)

GST Included
Colour: Pearl
Out of Stock
  • After you have experienced the River or the Jade, take a look at this! The Maul is another driver disc with exceptional glide rating, and stays in the air for a very long time, and thus it can lengthen your throws without adding any extra power - or form! 


    In lighter weigfhts especially, the Maul excels where other discs will drop short, or fade out - perfect for low power intermediates, or more powerful players who want maximum glide with a strong turn, and which finishes right.


    Even though the numbers are advertised the same as for a River, this disc is more understable. It will stay right where the River will come back.


    Flight Rating: 7 7 -2 1

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