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What Birdie Disc Golf Say: 

Birdie Disc Golf Supply Co. introduces their stiff plastic blend with the Scott Stokely Stiff Prototype Marvel! The Marvel is an incredibly consistent, slightly overstable, beadless putter great for putting and throwing alike.

Birdie Marvel (Stiff Prototype) Scott Stokely Tour Series

GST Included
  • We're intrigued by this one, and you may be, too!

    Marvel Stiff Prototype is not a prototype of any kind, but it is an unusual shape for a putter. Its parting line is extremely low and its rim ramp is much shallower than other putters. The wing is also slightly deeper - almost reminiscent of an Innova Pig, or Rhyno.

    The angle of the lower wing ramp is such that if you place you index under the rim - as opposed to wrapped around the rim, then this disc will fit perfectly into your natural putting grip - I was surprised by how good that grip feels with this disc.

    This is a typical stable throwing putter with the quintessential 2 3 0 1 Flight Rating, which will handle plenty of driving power without turning over.

    The Stiff plastic is not as grippy as solfter models, but the stiffness is admirable, without being rock solid.

    Flight Rating: 2 3 0 1

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