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What Westside Say: Designed with the newer player in mind, the Underworld will allow any player to accomplish an anhyzer shot. It is understable and low profile. Great for players to buy as their first disc, the Underworld will be just what a beginner needs. For professional players, it makes a great continuous anhyzer line and is great for rolling right out of the box.



Westside Underworld (VIP ICE Orbit)

GST Included
  • Well worth a second and a third look! The Underworld is an Easy-To-Throw fairway driver from Westside. Those looking to perform their first "hyzer flips" will find this disc to their liking. Not a headwind disc of any kind, but in no wind, cross winds and tail winds, Underworld excels.

    Even low power players will relish the fantastic glide Underworld exhibits, as soon as the disc is thrown flat.

    Advanced players will revel in the effortless glide to the right, and the gentle landing angle usually prevents cut rolls, even when good height is used.

    In VIP ICE Orbit, Underworld looks incredible and feels fantastic.

    Flight Rating: 7 6 -3 1

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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