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The Bolt is Latitude64's easiest-to-throw Speed 13 disc. Yes - it actually exists! This very understable high speed driver is designed specially for players who want to reach 100 metres+ distance but struggle to exceed 80 metres currently. With massive glide, the Bolt is incredible when thrown flat, 1 metre from the ground - it will easily get to that magic 100 metres.

Latitude 64 Bolt (Gold)

GST Included
Colour: Orange
  • The Bolt is responsible for taking lots of players' games to the next level!


    The reason? Slower arms are not able to create the heavy turn and fade flight path the Bolt creates at its rated flying speed - but lesser arms can easily accelerate it to the speed where it will fly dead straight, about 1 metre from the ground for 100 metres or more. But make sure you throw it flat!


    Stronger arms will see the Bolt turning into a roller pretty much independent of the amount of hyzer applied!


    Must never be thrown into a headwind, as that will be the kiss of death - and a roller is guaranteed.


    If you are reaching 75 to 80 metres with your other fast discs, try a Bolt - we reckon you'll blow past 100 metres without really trying. In fact, you will be shocked and amazed at how far it flies.


    Flight Rating 13 6 -2 3 


  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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