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This is the 1R disc prior to the re-tooling of the Kotare mould to make it less overstable.

This is a monstrously overstable disc, with very long throwers only being able to reach about 115 metres with it, compared to 140+ with the retooled Kotare.

If you are looking for pure beefcake, or a disc to collect and hold, the 1R Kotare is worth buying.

RPM Kotare (Cosmic) 1R - First Run

GST Included
Colour: Blue
  • The First Run of the Kotare was so overstable that it was quickly re-tooled to be slightly more believeable in flight shape. Even the biggest arms can't get a 1R Kotare out beyond about 120 metres, while the re-tooled version can handily exceed 145 metres in the same conditions. We know because we've tested this.

    This is the un-re-tooled First Run of Ultra-Beef. You will need a very big arm, or a very big headwind to straighten this thing out.

    A piece of New Zealand disc golfing history!

    Flight Rating: 12 4 0 5

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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