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The Kea golf disc is a low-glide, blunt-nosed, mid-height, small-diameter, very overstable, beaded midrange disc with a flexible raised flight plate. It has been inspired by the flight-path of the classic beaded Gator. In creating the Kea, Simon Feasey from RPM discs wanted to make a proper medium-range disc with low glide and a strongly overstable flight shape.


A very exciting new midrange disc indeed, which challenges the best overstable mids in the world for a rightful place in your bag. We've got a good feeling about this disc, and think it will become a staple for many golfers.

Kea (Cosmic)

GST Included
  • Here at Vortica, Martin and Chris are very excited about the Kea. It is a fantastic, low glide, very chunky, massively overstable midrange disc.


    Designed to serve as utility disc and upshot monster, Kea holds against headwinds and fades hard. Inspired by the classic beaded Gator, Kea is pretty beefy.


    Read our full review of the disc on our blog.


    Flight Rating: 5 3 0 3

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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