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The Kahu XG is the more understable, super domey version of the regular Kahu. It also comes in a range of colours, and if you are lucky, you'll get a metal-flake/sparkle example. The TPUs selected for the Kahu offer superb flexibility, grip and durability. Designed to be thrown when not 100% dry, the Kahu offers you a sure grip on those wet days.

RPM Kahu-XG (Cosmic)

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  • RPM have pioneered a new method of manipulating the temperature of the mold and the time in the mold, to consistently produce a very overstable Kahu (the OS) and a very glidey and turny Kahu (the XG).

    The OS  feels similar to the standard Kahu in the hand, but has a slightly higher Parting Line. While the XG has a significant dome, and a lower Parting Line.

    We're very excited about both these "new" discs, because RPM effectively adds two new drivers to their range simply by understanding how to control their process. 

    The OS is a brilliant wind fighter for most normal arms, and for the big distance throwers, Kahu OS offers you a way to explore the upper boundaries of your disc speed with a reliable finish and little turn.

    XG offers effortless glide with good stability for the intermediate player, and great distance with huge climb and a long turn for the more powerful arm.

    Flight Rating: 13 5 -2.5 2

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