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What Vortica Say:  Instead of attempting the impossible task of branding shirts and jackets with the Vortica logo, here we present you the opportunity to show your support for, and association with Vortica Disc Golf, in the way of a small and subtle clothing patch.

Simply iron onto your favourite item of disc golfing clothing, and you're helping us to grow disc golf in New Zealand.

Size: 75mm wide x 50mm tall x 2mm thick.
Weight: 3g

Fabric: Polyester
Attachment method: heat-activated glue.

Iron-On Vortica patch (embroidered)

GST Included
  • We generally tend to say what we think, so what more can we add?

    We'd love for you to proudly display a Vortica patch on your person, and you could then simply point at the patch, to show new players and friends alike, where to find New Zealand's lowest price disc golf discs - bar none.

    You could also tell them that we guarantee discs we recommend for you will do what we say they will, or we will exchange them, free of charge. That's how confident we are of putting the right discs in the right hands, at the right time, to progress as quickly as possible.

    This has been our guarantee since Vortica started in Wanaka, in 2011.

    We're proud of our history, and our legacy - with over 30% of all rounds in NZ being played on courses we designed, installed, or had a hand in creating.

    And we have a lot more work yet to do, to add to the total pool of human happiness and well-being.

  • If your embroidered iron-on Vortica patch fails for any reason other than your own silly fault, or from natural wear and tear (it is made from fabric, after all!) then you will have something of a problem on your hands, because the patch will not un-iron, to be returned to us for replacement.

    In this case, please take a photograph of the failed patch, and send an email to describing what has happened.

    We will do what we can to ensure your satisfaction.

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