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What Innova says:

"The Shryke is a high speed, max glide distance driver that's perfect for pinning down targets."


Two outta three ain't bad! Pinning down targets is what experts do. Look right ---->

Innova Shryke (Halo Star)

GST Included
Colour (Inner Colour First)
  • Shryke is an Easy To Throw understable high speed driver, suitable for all players able to reach 80 metres or more. We like this disc a lot!


    With the magic "-2 2" for turn and fade, this disc will provide for wickedly long hyzer flip drives for the expert, flip-to-flat long drives for intermediates, and straight-to-fade flight for those unable to reach 90 metres.


    With exceptional glide, Shryke doesn't need the huge arm speed of a normal speed 13 driver, to get it flying in a nice shape. And, if you are really struggling to reach 80 metres, then take a look at the Opto and Opto Air Bolt from Latitude 64.


    Shryke is actively being used by Big Jeremy Koling to great effect on the pro circuit. Ordinarily this wouldn't be remarkable, except that it is a very understable disc for a top pro to use, and this tells you just how useful such a disc can be.


    Flight Rating: 13 6 -2 2

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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