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What Innova say: The Invader is one of the best driving and approach putters available. Its flat-top profile features a rounded, small bead rim making it easy to grip-n-rip straight flights. Put torque onto the Invader, it can handle it—backhand and forehand. We’re launching Invader in durable and grippy Luster plastic.

The Invader is our best approach and driving putter for narrow fairways.

Innova Invader (Halo Star)

GST Included
  • The Innova Invader will feel instantly familiar to owners of the RPM Ruru. Invader is like a shallower Ruru. So - if a round-edged, beaded putter is your thing, but you feel the Ruru is a little deep for you, then this will be your next putting putter and throwing putter.

    Invader makes an ideal throwing putter and/or putting putter. It handles plenty of power without flipping when thrown, and it's traditional Star longevity means you don't have ot worry about it getting beaten up hitting things.

    In Halo Star plastic Invader is lustrous, stiff, durable, and gorgeous. Stick one in your paw today, and feel the difference.

    Flight Rating: 3 2 0 1

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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