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What the manufacturer says: 
Accurate Measurement: Measures wind speed up to 30m/s (65MPH) with precision and reliability.
* Portable and Convenient: Hand-held design with a pocket size, easy to carry and use for outdoor activities.
* Smart Anemometer: Equipped with anti-wrestling(???) measure and wind speed scale, providing a comprehensive and practical solution for wind measurement.
* Battery Saving: Batteries not included, but the device is designed to be energy-efficient, saving you money and reducing waste.
* Versatile Usage: Ideal for outdoor sports, sailing, mountaineering, shooting, and more.

Handheld Anemometer

GST Included
  • For players who want to know!

    If you're doing any fieldwork, or if you are a TD, and wish to know the actual wind speed, this is the device you need.

    In past years, an anemometer of any accuracy at all was very expensive, and quite delicate, requiring special storage. But today we are living in the future, and so an accurate device is just $25!

    I have tested these wind speed meters against my Air Bulle IEEE certified anemometer, and they measure exactly the same wind speeds - so you can count on this tiny device to give you accurate readings.

    It does NOT come with a draw-string bag, or hard clamshell case, and you will probably want to store it in one of these, to avoid the critical impellor bearings becoming affected by dust or dirt.

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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