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What Dynamic Discs Say:

Strong winds will make the most experienced player look like a novice. They have forced us back into the laboratory to solve the midrange question. Our tests have led us here. The Justice is served. The Justice by Dynamic Discs is going to become your new utility disc. It will not turn over. Throw the Justice one time and you will not need to reach for anything else for a short distance, overstable answer.

Dynamic Discs Justice (Lucid ICE Orbit)

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price
GST Included
  • Justice is so much beef, you'll go moo!
    The Justice flies about as well as a cow too, with ultra-low glide, it has a savagely overstable flight shape. No one can straighten this disc out for any distance at all - it will start to fade straight out of the hand, unless you power it up to 120 metres, and you'll never turn this disc over, unless you throw it into a hurricane!

    Honestly, the Justice isn't a disc you will throw often, but when you need it, you will want the absolute iron-clad guarantee of a super overstable shape. You'll use this to crash hard left no matter the headwind, or to make some crazily tight right to left line.

    Alternatively, you'll use it forehand, and even if you blow it completely, and let it go with a heap of anhyzer, this bad boy is just going to rock back over into a hyzer, within 2 seconds, and then dump hard for you.

    This is one of THE most overstable midrange discs on the planet.

    Has a nice big feel to it, with good rim depth, and rounded bottom edge for an easy, accurate smash. Flat-As! 

    Extremely visually appealing especially with metal flakes (MF).

    Flight Rating: 5 3 0.5 4

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase the Justice will escape from your bag, batter down your front door, storm out into the street and then mug a passer by, hijack a car, and drive itself back to our warehouse!

    Because JUSTICE!

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