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What Dynamic Discs say:  This brand-new disc pays homage to our original Judge putter while embracing the game-changing features of our Classic Supreme plastic—a plastic line engineered to give today's players the superior grip and durability they expect from a quality disc. Grab a Classic Supreme Judge today and let its sturdy feel and great grip give you a competitive advantage off the tee or inside the circle.


Diameter: 21.2 cm

Maximum weight: 176.0 gram

Height: 2.2 cm

Rim depth: 1.4 cm

Inside rim diameter: 19 cm

Rim thickness: 1.1 cm

Rim depth/Diameter ratio: 6.6 %

Rim configuration ratio: 58.25

Flexibility rating: 10.45kg

Dynamic Discs Judge (Classic Supreme) First Run

GST Included
Colour: Pink
  • Why was the Judge named the 2013 Disc of the Year in the Player's Choice Awards? It is incredibly predictable in flying and hitting the chains. It is a fantastic throwing putter that will fly straight and glide for amazing distances. Come see why this disc has become so popular and judged other, more well-known discs, to be insufficient. 

    In Classic Supreme plastic the Judge feels better than it ever has before - and that is saying something! Incredibly tacky, and quite stiff, the Supreme Judge might well turn out to be your next putting putter - especially if you are already a convert!

    Flight Rating: 2 4 0 1

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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