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What Dad Paul says: "These sport sacks from DRYV BAGS have got to be the grippiest sport sacks of all time. Just opening the ziplock bag and squeezing produces chalk dust! So, if you suffer from damp or sweaty hands, one of Sarah's branded DRYV BAGS will keep your grip consistent, and there's so much dust in these things, the dust will always indicate your wind direction and speed on the putting green.

You're supporting Sarah directly each time you buy one, so thank you, kindly!"

DRYV BAGS Sarah Wadsworth/Little Miss Disc Golf Sport Sack

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  • We are proud to support our friend and disc golf world champion Sarah Wadsworth, in all her disc golf goals in any way we possibly can. 

    We've never seen sports sacks so crammed with dusty goodness, and we know you won't be disappointed in your Sarah Wadsworth/LMD DRYV BAGS grip sack.

    Strictly limited supply, so don't miss out!

  • If your Sarah Wadsworth/LMD DRYV BAGS sport sack fails for any reason which is not your own silly fault - like dropping it in a pool of acid, putting it through the washing machine, or setting it on fire - then we will replace it free of charge, of course!


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