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What Discmania say: The Enigma was the very first distance driver release in our Evolution line and the flight numbers really speak for themselves. Get ready to make some room in your distance compartment, because this is a disc you will find yourself relying on shot after shot.


While pondering the potential of massive drives and easily controllable distance two key flight components came to mind, 1) enough high-speed turn to maximize distance and 2) enough stability to grant control. For many players, these two key components needed for incredible distance exist in perfect harmony in the Enigma. The sweet spot of turn & stability have been infused with the ability to soar at high speeds and topped off with great glide in this maximum distance driver to form the perfect do-it-all distance driver for most skill levels from advanced and beyond.


The Enigma is a wide-rim distance driver that has been shaped to fit all hands. The disc has moderate dome that creates an excellent glide. With a harder pull, the disc turns nicely to give you that extra distance. This disc has a nice, predictable fade that doesn't dump too hard to steal distance from your shot.If you are struggling with the out-of-the-box overstability of some of the most popular Pro level distance drivers out there, we highly recommend giving the Enigma a spin!

Discmania Enigma (Lux Vapor) Special Edition

GST Included
  • Looking for a Destroyer that isn't? Look no further!

    Flight Rating: 12 5 -1 2

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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