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What Niced Nation say:
EXCITING CHALLENGES AND MODIFIERS - Experience your disc golf session in a completely new way. Bring up the heat and test your skills in various challenges.


TONS OF FUN GUARANTEED - Disc Golf Frenzy will turn the classic game into a more exciting play with surprising elements and unexpected twists. Laugh while your friend try their luck and practice those inconvenient throws.

EVEN OUT THE PLAYING FIELD - Made for players of any skill and experience. Disc Golf Frenzy will make sure that you and your friends find yourself in unique situations and can test your skills.

PLENTY OF VARIETY - 25 different challenge cards and gameplay form means that you will get new experience every single time you play this game. In fact, it's so versatile that you can come up with your own games based on using these challenge cards.

GREAT DISC GOLF ACCESSORY OR GIFT – Disc Golf Frenzy game will be perfect addition to any disc golfer's accessory list and also wonderful disc golf gift for any disc golf player.

Disc Golf Frenzy - On Course Card Game

GST Included
  • Niced Nation have produced a fun game for disc golfers of all abilities in a small package - not quite as large or as thick as a normal deck of cards. Easily fits into even the smallest side pocket.

    If you're looking for something to add a little spice to your regular game with your buddies - this just might be it!

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