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The Dagger has been developed in co-operation with pro disc golfer David Feldberg and is a deep dish beaded putter. Feldberg says it is comparable to a big bead Aviar, Wizard, Challenger, etc., but deeper and with more float.

Latitude 64 Dagger (Zero Medium)

GST Included
  • Dagger is a massive, hand-filling, big-bead putter which catches a lot of air. David Feldberg designed it to stay aloft better than the shallower Aviar from Innova.  It's well known as a seriously good putter, and with good reason. Available in soft medium and hard, to suit all tastes. 

    Dagger especially suits an Ultimate player coming over to disc golf, as their first, and only golf disc. Although it is not known as a throwing putter, it is a brilliant transition disc, and teaches food form.

    Flight Rating: 2 5 0 1

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