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What Innova say:

"The Firebird is an overstable distance driver which works extremely well into a headwind. It is our most popular upwind distance driver."


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Innova Firebird (G-Star)

GST Included
  • In Star plastic, Firebird is ultra-grippy and slightly less stable than  Champion Firebird, which is notoriously overstable.

    The Firebird is a slow moving overstable driver. It is great for forehand players looking for something to regularly use from the teebox or backhand players looking for a 'do everything' disc. Even in the wind the Firebird will remain consistent. In Champion plastic you know that it will hold the flight characteristics for years to come.

    The Firebird is able to handle a huge snap, and it's slow profile, and very low glide will see it crash to the ground in the most pleasingly reliable way. An ideal disc for using full power to throw, while ensuring a short and predictable flight - and ideal for the extra torque (and lower spin) applied to forehand throws.

    But be warned; this disc is very unforgiving if underthrown - it will carve left instantly out of the hand. It's an example of a disc which requires a faster arm than a speed 9. If you are not able to control a speed 12 distance driver nicely, then avoid this disc until you can.

    If Firebird is too much disc for you, then check out the Latitude64 XXX or the MVP Resistor, both are slower speed, and need slightly less arm speed.

    Flight Rating: 9 3 0 4

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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