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What Latitude64 Say:

Navigate your way on the fairway with this midrange from Latitude 64. It might not be the fastest midrange on the market but disc golf is all about control. This straight flyer will go wherever you want. It holds any line in the most predictable way. Not thin, not deep so this disc will fit in any hand. This stable and versatile midrange has been developed in cooperation with world champion Ricky Wysocki, who says: ”The Compass will make me more confident on the course. Hyzer, straight, anhyzer; I can trust it on every angle”.


Latitude 64 Compass (Opto)

GST Included
  • 2016 World Champion Ricky Wysocki needed a disc he could use for upshots which require little fade, and which would hold his line, from anhyzer to straight, to hyzer. The Sockibomb uses this disc for just about all his normal upshot duties, outside of big wind.

    Chris says; "The first time I threw a Gold Line Compass, it barely missed the chains 63 metres away, and parked up for a drop in bird. Follow up shots all folowed their line. Added to the bag immediately!"

    This is Latitude 64's take on the classic midrange disc with no turn and little fade, but this disc had to be able to withstand the extreme demands placed on it by a world champion. The Compass seems to be what everyone wants; that reliable, good-gliding, easy to throw disc, which will hold any cliché you put it on!

    The corollary of course, is that you actually have to throw it on that cliché .

    Flight Rating: 5 5 0 1

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