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This is a fast stable driver that can handle full power throws and moderate headwinds. Advanced players and sidearm throwers will appreciate the dependable stability. The Boss has a slight high speed turn to help maximize distance with a predictable fade. David Wiggins Jr used a 154 gram R-Pro Boss to set the World Record 338 metres in March 2016.


The Champion Boss is more stable than the GStar Boss, and its flight numbers have been updated to better reflect the more stable flight. (13/5/0/3).


GStar Boss flies very similar to a Latitude 64 Ballista, and the New Zealand-made RPM Kahu.

Innova Boss (G-Star)

GST Included
  • Boss is a great driver for power players, with more than 100 metres of range, or for those with perhaps 80 metres, as a headwind driver. For power throwers, Boss flips a little and rides an anhyzer only with plenty of speed and spin, and fades strongly once it turns back into a hyzer.

    In G-Star plastic Boss has a pronounced dome, and a loud pop top for extra glide.

    Flight Rating: 13 5 -1 3

  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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