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What Innova say: The Aviar Putt & Approach is the number one putter in disc golf. Having won more World Championships than all other putters combined. Aviar is our most popular disc.

It is versatile and is dependable in all conditions. A must have disc for any serious competitor’s bag. This is the beadless model that provides an excellent grip. It is a straight flier with a predictable finish.


Diameter: 21.2 cm

Rim Width: 0.9 cm

Available Plastics:

  • Star: 150-175g
  • GStar: 165-175g
  • Champion: 165-175g
  • XT: 165-175g
  • R-Pro: 155-175g
  • Glow: 170-175g
  • DX: 150-175g

Best Choice for: Go to putter, Short to medium drives, Accurate approaches

Innova Aviar (Star)

GST Included
  • Ah, the Aviar. Probably the most used and most liked putter on the market. It breeds confidence and clarity. When you grab the Aviar from your bag there is only one thing that it wants to do - cha-ching. It's like a dog next to water - it just has to get in. Innova says that the Aviar is its number one selling disc. A great putter, a great approach disc.

    In Star Plastic Aviar stands up to impacts and doesn't wear in (or out!) quickly. This is safe to throw on any hole, on any playing surface.

    Flight Rating: 2 3 0 1

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